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Welcome to the wide world of T.W.A.T.

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Where does one get the into music
If you do a show, its your show, you dont have to use the into, but if you do, its located at

What is it?
T.W.A.T. is a hardcore tech daily internet radio show that has multiple hosts, guest, and topics. There are 1000's of internet radio shows that talk about what the hosts had for breakfast. This one is going to be HARDCORE TECH. The mortals wont understand it, but then again, it isn't for them, its for us. The shows only have to be five minutes long, but the hosts are welcome and encouraged to go over that limit.

Who has time to do a daily show?
The show works on a rotating schedule of hosts, who are responsible for putting the show out on their day. This will stop fatigue of doing a show every week, in fact the more people that want to host the less shows that everyone will have to do. With more time between shows, we feel that this will increase the content quality of each show. Now, along with the roating hosts, we welcome anyone to submit a show, even if you are only interested in doing one show, we always need backup episodes and enjoy having more and more content.

are you unoriginal idiots?
no, who else has a daily radio show, done by the community, that is all tech content?

how do i help out?
record a show and send it in, make some art and send it in, tell your friends about the show

what if i just want to record one show?
you dont have to be on the calendar, you can just do a show whenever you want and send it in.

are you a twit wannabe?
no we are going to have tech content without all the chit chat.

why donít you change your name?
why donít you change your name?

is it a porn podcast or a tech podcast?
some people need to get their minds out of the gutter.

why does it sound so bad?
everyone records it the way that they want, we feel that content is more important than sound quality, if you really want to fix it, do an episode and send it in. this isnít professional radio, if you want that, you know what to do.

why the juvenile name?
we are allowed to have fun. if you donít like it, fuck off or call it twatech

do you say the show name and then laugh for 20 minutes?
someone isnít paying attention

do you cover old stories from twit?
no, its new content by various people, see above

can i call you twats?
yes, that is better than pussy

What else needs doing?

need more hosts/editors

get members, and get their email address

10 backup episodes need recording

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